About the Web-Based Course Evaluation System

UNC Charlotte has engaged a third party—Anthology, formerly Campus Labs—to administer Web-based course evaluations to students. UNC Charlotte works closely with Anthology to ensure that the Web-based course evaluation system provides a positive experience for faculty, staff, and students.

The Office of OneIT and Center for Teaching and Learning at UNC Charlotte provide basic program coordination, which includes training, support, and Banner integration with Campus Labs. The Faculty Information and Technology Services Advisory Committee (FITSAC) serves in an advisory capacity and advises Faculty Council on issues and recommendations moving forward. Faculty Council provides general oversight and makes major policy decisions regarding the Web-based course evaluation system.

Colleges also play a key role in making the Web-based course evaluation program successful. Representatives from each college are responsible for identifying issues and voicing concerns on behalf of the college, as well as recommending policy changes as needed. Individual faculty members are encouraged to monitor response rates during the evaluation and supplement automated messages with personal reminders and encouragement to their students.

Students are expected to complete Web-based course evaluations with the same level of care and consideration as paper-based course evaluations.